How to Find Reliable Pool and Pool Fence Inspections for Sydney Homes and Spa Owners

Having a pool on your property means you need to be responsible for it and ensure that it’s safe. Did you know that if you are leasing or selling a residential property with a pool, you will need a private certifier to certify it? This certification is to show your clients that your pool has been inspected, qualified, licensed, and registered.

A pool is for fun and relaxation and should not be a source of worry your clients, especially if they have children. The right E1 Pool Certifier can deliver pool and pool fence inspection for any Sydney building or spa.

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About this Certification

NSW Swimming Pool Regulations and Laws have changed. Swimming pool and spa owners are required to register their swimming pools at swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au.

Compliance Certification Pricing

We provide Pool Owners advice about swimming pool and spas and can then advise on issue remediation to legal standards.

What E1 Pool Certifier Can Offer You

An E1 Pool Certifier will come to your location and, with the experience and knowledge of building requirements of local councils and regulatory authorities, inspect your pool for certification. We provide certified pool and spa assessor capabilities backed by our founder’s 25 years of involvement in the building trade.

If you fail to register your pool, you may find financial and legal consequences knocking at your door. Finding an accredited certifier guarantees you will understand all requirements for having a pool—and it also shows your clients you are keeping their safety and wellbeing in mind in all operations. With our Sydney pool fence inspection service, you will have a complete understanding of the legal requirements for having a pool on your property.

4 Things to Know About Sydney Pool and Pool Fence Inspection

If you have never thought about the need for a pool and pool fence inspection, then you must have some questions. Here are four things to know about an E1 Pool Certifier and what we can offer.

  • Who are our clients? Anyone with a pool that needs certifications can contact us for help, from homeowners to real estate agents to property managers to the managers of hotels. We have helped many home and business owners with pool safety assessment, consultation, and certification.
  • How does it all work? Upon confirmation, a certifier will arrive at your location for inspection. An inspection usually takes about one hour within a three-day process. Once we have completed the inspection, we will email you a detailed report, including photographs that show where work is required. If everything is in order, we will issue a report and certificate of compliance; this process takes about two days. Pool and pool fence inspections for Sydney houses and companies are a quick and efficient way to guarantee the pool you have is up to code.
  • Will I get a certification? Once the pool and pool fence has been checked and everything is up to code, we will issue a pool safety certificate and update the details on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. This certificate is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Sydney pool and pool fence inspections are made simple with our services. Through constant communication and professional care, we will arrive on time and efficiently ensure your pool is safe and fun for all. Contact your E1 Pool Certifier today.

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